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How to Celebrate International Day of Charity

How to Celebrate International Day of Charity

September 05, 2022

Mother Teresa was one of the most well-known figures for her charitable service, officially recognized with an International Day of Charity[1]. September 5th marks the anniversary of her death and is a day where much of the world pauses to focus on the needs of others. If you are looking for a way to celebrate International Charity Day, below are a few simple ideas.

Donate to a Charity

Charities are often in need of funds to support their work and rely on donors to help them with their financial goals. Find a charity you would like to support and provide financial help with a one-time donation or a monthly pledge.

Attend a Fundraising Event

Charity events help provide nonprofits with some of the funds they need to get through the year. Look for these events in the area and provide your support by buying tickets, purchasing auction items, or participating in sponsored events.

Feed Those in Need

Food security is one of the challenges many in society face. It often has devastating effects on those who don't have enough to eat each day. Celebrate the day by helping the homeless in your area go to bed with a full belly. Contribute to your local food pantry or soup kitchen or hit the streets and distribute food packages to those who need it most.

Visit With the Elderly or Sick

When it comes to charity, many people focus on physical needs, but emotional and social needs are also often important. Take the day to visit with someone who is ill and may need some love and support. Or take some time to visit a nursing home or assisted living facility to visit with the elderly. Sometimes all it takes is a short visit and a listening ear to brighten someone's day.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Don't forget about your furry friends on the International Day of Charity. These vulnerable creatures often need support as much as their human counterparts. Ask your local shelter what they need for donations, volunteer to help at their events, or rescue a pet and give it a loving home. You may also donate funds to national animal rescues to help them continue their missions to preserve the world's creatures.

Above are just some of the ways to celebrate International Charity Day this September. Remember, it's all about giving, so even random acts of kindness help you mark the day.


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